Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Yearly Production Of Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books

Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books - Titles Per Year

Greenleaf Classics Books - Number Of Titles Per Year

This chart shows the number of titles published per year by Greenleaf Classics during the period covered by this archive.

The Vintage period of Greenleaf Classics Books starts with the beginning of the business in 1959. It covers the period of rapid growth and popularity that peaks out in 1968 when there were almost 400 titles released. It continues into the early 70's during the time that management's focus was distracted by the trial and conviction of William Hamling, Earl Kemp, and other staff members, and their forced retirement from the business.

In 1975, the company hit a low spot in production that marks the end of the Vintage period. The company continued under new management and in 1976, it bounced back to evolve into a new phase that is documented in the Modern Greenleaf Classics Books digital archive (opening soon).