Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Timeline of Imprints Published by Greenleaf Classics Books

Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books - Timeline

Timeline of Imprints

The chart shows the time period when each vintage Greenleaf Classics Books imprint was published over the fifteen year period that this archive covers.

Each imprint had between 4 and 8 titles published per month. The chart shows the total number of titles that were in each imprint.

The chart shows all the published imprints, including the 10 that are not yet cataloged into the web site. These are indicated by their book count being in yellow.

Nightstand Books was the flagship imprint of the company. It began in 1959 and continued until 1971, when the management team lost focus on the business as the government's prosecution for obscenity became a major concern.

By 1974, the new management team and staff was in charge, and production was stopped on existing imprints. Two new imprints were started (Reed Nightstand and Midnight Reader), using cover art and titles that were not provocative, in a failed attempt to sell into mainstream markets.

The Reed Nightstand imprint reprinted stories from the original Nightstand line circa 1960, continuing the central role of Nightstand Books in the business.

1975 marks the end of the Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books period that this archive covers.

To see how the number of published volumes changed through time, see the report showing the number of titles published per year.

The company continued and in 1976 moved into a another phase of business that is documented in the Modern Greenleaf Classics Books digital archive (opening soon).