Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Regency Books - List All (42 Books)

Sortable table showing all books in the Regency Books imprint. (Click book title to see detail page for the book.)
Title Byline Author Artist Date
RB101 Firebug Robert Bloch Robert Bloch The Dillons Jun 1961
RB102 Gentleman Junkie Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison The Dillons Jun 1961
RB103 Mr. Ballerina Ronn Marvin The Dillons Aug 1961
RB104 The Brain Buyers James Sagebiel The Dillons Aug 1961
RB105 Divide The Night Donald Honig Donald Honig Ron Bradford Sep 1961
RB106 Memos From Purgatory Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison The Dillons Sep 1961
RB107 Stories By The Man Nobody Knows B. Traven Bernard Traven Ron Bradford Oct 1961
RB108 The Torment Of The Kids Hal Ellson Hal Ellson Richard Frooman Oct 1961
RB109 Weed Clarence L. Cooper Jr. Clarence L. Cooper Jr. W.A. Smith Nov 1961
RB110 Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys Algis Budrys The Dillons Nov 1961
RB111 What Mad Oracle? Thomas N. Scortia Thomas N. Scortia W.A. Smith Dec 1961
RB112 The Man In The Water Robert Sheckley Robert Sheckley Mel Pekarsky Dec 1961
RB113 The Eleventh Commandment Lester del Rey Lester Del Rey The Dillons Jan 1962
RB114 Panic! David Alexander Mel Pekarsky Jan 1962
RB115 The Crooked Cops W.T. Brannon Ron Bradford Mar 1962
RB116 The Dark Messenger Clarence L. Cooper Jr. Clarence L. Cooper Jr. Richard A. Thompson Mar 1962
RB117 Muscle On Broadway Paul B. Weston Will Gallagher Apr 1962
RB118 Fire And The Night Philip Jose Farmer Philip Jose Farmer The Dillons Apr 1962
RB301 Philosopher Of Evil Walter Drummond Robert Silverberg Ron Bradford Aug 1962
RB302 The Pangs Of Love Chandler Brossard (Editor) Chandler Brossard (Editor) Ron Bradford Aug 1962
RB303 The Hills Of Creation Neil Elliott Blum Neil Elliott Blum Ron Bradford Sep 1962
RB304 A Hammer In The City Paul B. Weston Richard A. Thompson Sep 1962
RB305 Bloody Grass Hobe Gilmore Will Gallagher Oct 1962
RB306 White Man Go! Harry Roskolenko Harry Roskolenko Richard A. Thompson Oct 1962
RB307 In The Line Of Fire Jackson M. Bowling Smith Nov 1962
RB308 Crimes & Chaos Avram Davidson Avram Davidson Ron Bradford Nov 1962
RB309 You Will Never Be The Same Cordwainer Smith Paul Linebarger Ron Bradford Dec 1962
RB310 Damn It William E. Miles Ron Bradford Dec 1962
RB311 The Gilded Witch Jack Webb Jack Webb Robert Keys Jan 1963
RB312 Women Of The Swastika Hal Vetter George Suyeoka Jan 1963
RB313 Black! Clarence L. Cooper Jr. Clarence L. Cooper Jr. Text Only Feb 1963
RB314 Truman And The Pendergasts Frank Mason Algis Budrys George Suyeoka Feb 1963
RB315 Queen Street Matthew Gant The Dillons Mar 1963
RB316 Hack Number 777 Ed Bunin Terry Martin Rose Mar 1963
RB317 The Rabble Rousers Eric Frank Russell Eric Frank Russell George Suyeoka Apr 1963
RB318 How To Spend Money Walter Drummond Robert Silverberg Terry Martin Rose Apr 1963
RB319 KKK Ben Haas Ben Haas Terry Martin Rose May 1963
RB320 Hollywood R.I.P. I.G. Edmonds Unknown May 1963
RB321 The Expatriates Mack Reynolds Mack Reynolds Ron Bradford Jun 1963
RB322 The Grifters Jim Thompson Jim Thompson Terry Martin Rose Jun 1963
RB323 Fighting Men, USA James Warner Bellah James Warner Bellah George Suyeoka Jul 1963
RB324 No Law But Their Own Joseph Millard Ron Bradford Jul 1963