Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Nitime Swapbooks - List All (128 Books)

Sortable table showing all books in the Nitime Swapbooks imprint. (Click book title to see detail page for the book.)
Title Byline Author Artist Date
NS401 Syncopated Swap J.D. Twigg Unknown Nov 1970
NS402 My Wife For A Horse Marty Machlia Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
NS403 Mardi Gras Mate Traders Corley Dale Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
NS404 Swappers In The Dog House Don Russell Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
NS405 Make Her Swap J.D. Twigg Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
NS406 PTA Swap Bait Greg Orr Darrel Millsap Dec 1970
NS407 Swappers, Si, Si! Vince Kirk Darrel Millsap Dec 1970
NS408 Swap While the Swapping's Good Don Russell Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
NS409 Cop Swap John Dexter Darrel Millsap Jan 1971
NS410 Six Seaside Swappers Mark Loring Darrel Millsap Jan 1971
NS411 God Save The Swingers! Milt Jaxon Darrel Millsap Jan 1971
NS412 The Stud At Swap Ranch J.D. Twigg Darrel Millsap Jan 1971
NS413 The Haystack Humpers Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Feb 1971
NS414 Naked With The Neighbors Gene Cross Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
NS415 Thadias' Wild Wife Foster Davis Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
NS416 Swapping Off Sharon Yale Younger Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
NS417 Sunday Swappers [Unknown Byline] Unknown Mar 1971
NS418 Starlet Swap Sally Roven Robert Bonfils Mar 1971
NS419 A New Crop To Swap Marty Machlia Darrel Millsap Mar 1971
NS420 The Greedy Gynecologist Harry Best Robert Bonfils Mar 1971
NS421 The Biggest Catch Of All Mark Loring Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
NS422 The Neighborhood Card Party Don Russell Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
NS423 Mrs. Mason's Protege Terri Duncan Darrel Millsap Apr 1971
NS424 Mary's Pet Project Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
NS425 Heather On The Lawn Fred Malloy Unknown May 1971
NS426 Faculty Wife Lambert Wilhelm William Maltese Unknown May 1971
NS427 Dr. Dildo's Delightful Machine Richard B. Long Robert Bonfils May 1971
NS428 Breaking In Agnes Don Russell Robert Bonfils May 1971
NS429 Curing Cindy's Itch Fred Malloy Unknown Jun 1971
NS430 The Doctor's Unorthodox Practice Lambert Wilhelm William Maltese Unknown Jun 1971
NS431 An Unconventional Family David Foster Unknown Jun 1971
NS432 Chuck's Ravishing Roommates Henry Williams Unknown Jun 1971
NS433 Hottest Room In The House Jeremy Crebb Robert Bonfils Jul 1971
NS434 Kitty's Gardener John Dexter Robert Bonfils Jul 1971
NS435 The Bride's Surprising Reception Dean Benson Unknown Jul 1971
NS436 The Greek's Daughter Alan Marshall Unknown Jul 1971
NS437 Her Mother's Massage Parlor Duane Davis Robert Bonfils Aug 1971
NS438 Paula's Blackest Hour Dan Lear Robert Bonfils Aug 1971
NS439 Sally's First French Lesson Rick Muffler Unknown Aug 1971
NS440 Two For Mrs. Wong Greg Daniels Unknown Aug 1971
NS441 Mrs. Falkner's Friends Frances Harrison Unknown Sep 1971
NS442 Ted's Bisexual Wife Rex Weldon Unknown Sep 1971
NS443 Ester On The Couch John Dexter Unknown Sep 1971
NS444 Bayou Incest Wysteria Lee Unknown Sep 1971
NS445 One Bedroom Family Hardy Peters George Laws Robert Bonfils Oct 1971
NS446 Bringing Up Daughter J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1971
NS447 The Gypsy Next Door Don Russell Unknown Oct 1971
NS448 Divinity's Maiden Performance Barbara Walters Unknown Oct 1971
NS449 Lorrie Changes Her Luck J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Nov 1971
NS450 Dawn's College For Couples Duane Davis Unknown Nov 1971
NS451 Mother Every Way Don Russell Robert Bonfils Nov 1971
NS452 Wives To The Victor Frank Gavin Robert Bonfils Nov 1971
NS453 Bobby's Captive Conquests Martin Reed Unknown Dec 1971
NS454 Her Brother Was Best Alan Marshall Unknown Dec 1971
NS455 War Widow Pushover Richard Long Unknown Dec 1971
NS456 Extra Duty Wife J.X. Williams Unknown Dec 1971
NS457 Pawn Of Violence Steve Tailor Unknown Jan 1972
NS458 Daddy's Runaway Redhead Leo Trent Unknown Jan 1972
NS459 Ghetto Girl Emmett Karl Unknown Jan 1972
NS460 The Bride's First Smoker Don Russell Unknown Jan 1972
NS461 Laura's Training Camp Ray Majors Jerry Murray Robert Bonfils Feb 1972
NS462 Party Girl Mike Corbin Unknown Feb 1972
NS463 Tricking Her Brother Rex Weldon Robert Bonfils Feb 1972
NS464 The Teaser's Last Treasure Terri Duncan Unknown Feb 1972
NS465 Dial "O" For Orgy Bert Sharp Unknown Mar 1972
NS466 Jack Pine Unknown Mar 1972
NS467 His Models For Success Jeff Powell Unknown Mar 1972
NS468 Her Shame Of It All Dana Courtney Unknown Mar 1972
NS469 Dear Abbey's Downfall Evan Ellison Unknown Apr 1972
NS470 Laura's Willing Spirit Jocelyn Ryder Robert Bonfils Apr 1972
NS471 Her Grandest Illusions Jack Pine Unknown Apr 1972
NS472 A Girl of Parts Alice Kale Unknown Apr 1972
NS473 The Chambermaid's Duties Alan Marshall Unknown May 1972
NS474 Harem House Rex Weldon Unknown May 1972
NS475 The Orphan Trainers John Dexter Unknown May 1972
NS476 Luring Daddy Frank Gavin Unknown May 1972
NS477 Swingers' High School Alan Marshall Unknown Jun 1972
NS478 A Family Trait J.X. Williams George Laws Unknown Jun 1972
NS479 The Making Of Starla Ray Majors Jerry Murray Unknown Jun 1972
NS480 Ropes For April Jack Pine Unknown Jun 1972
NS481 Her Daddy's Shame Alice Kale Unknown Jul 1972
NS482 The Twins' Initiation Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Jul 1972
NS483 Big Charlie's Girls Charles Pryde Unknown Jul 1972
NS484 Her Summer Education Ronald Nash Robert Bonfils Jul 1972
NS485 Police Girl Assault Todd Harding Robert Bonfils Aug 1972
NS486 Small Town Virgin Dana Courtney Unknown Aug 1972
NS487 More Than A Father Ronald Nash Unknown Aug 1972
NS488 Daddy's Little Swinger Jack Pine Unknown Aug 1972
NS489 Stowaway Girl Duncan Fox Duncan Fox Unknown Sep 1972
NS490 Gang Bride Dana Courtney Unknown Sep 1972
NS491 Using Nancy Jack Grant Unknown Sep 1972
NS492 Making A Nymph Ward Malone Unknown Sep 1972
NS493 Girl In Torment Dana Courtney Unknown Oct 1972
NS494 Sky-Jacking Broad Jack Pine Unknown Oct 1972
NS495 Her Whole Family J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1972
NS496 Getting Sis Frank Gavin Robert Bonfils Oct 1972
NS497 The Brother Teaser Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Nov 1972
NS498 Virgin's Holiday Dana Courtney Unknown Nov 1972
NS499 The Captive Ballerina Kathy Turner Unknown Nov 1972
NS500 A Stepfather's Love Jack Grant Robert Bonfils Nov 1972
NS501 Her Daughters For Rent Ross Thompson Robert Bonfils Dec 1972
NS502 Daddy's Flower Girl Frank Gavin Unknown Dec 1972
NS503 The Family's New Virgin Hardy Peters George Laws Robert Bonfils Dec 1972
NS504 Sarah In The Dog Run Israel Krupp Unknown Dec 1972
NS505 Borrowed Wife Ray Majors Jerry Murray Unknown Jan 1973
NS506 The Gang's New Girl John Dexter Unknown Jan 1973
NS507 Young Body To Trade Jack Grant Unknown Jan 1973
NS508 The Runaway Niece Terri Duncan Unknown Jan 1973
NS509 Mommy's Warm Thighs Harry Best Unknown Feb 1973
NS510 Depraved Family Rex Weldon Unknown Feb 1973
NS511 Virgin In Heat Alan Marshall Unknown Feb 1973
NS512 A Mother's Embrace Frank Gavin Unknown Feb 1973
NS513 I'm Coming, Daddy! Winston Regret Unknown Mar 1973
NS514 Family Orgy Hardy Peters Robert Bonfils Mar 1973
NS515 Sister's Skillful Mouth Don Bellmore Unknown Mar 1973
NS516 The Family Swappers Harold Horton Unknown Mar 1973
NS517 Even Daddy's Girl Susan Post Unknown Apr 1973
NS518 Love Thy Neighbor Alan Marshall Unknown Apr 1973
NS519 Swapping Cousins Duncan Fox Duncan Fox Robert Bonfils Apr 1973
NS520 Let's Play, Doctor! Peter Costa Unknown Apr 1973
NS521 Play With Me, Daddy! Terri Duncan Robert Bonfils May 1973
NS522 Mom Comes First Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils May 1973
NS523 Ganging Up On Sis Brian Dennison Unknown May 1973
NS524 A Piece Of Sis Don Bellmore Unknown May 1973
NS525 Daddy And Me Duncan Fox Duncan Fox Unknown Jun 1973
NS526 More Than A Mother Rex Weldon Unknown Jun 1973
NS527 Hot Bed Family Winston Regret Unknown Jun 1973
NS528 Harder, Daddy! Frank Kingston Unknown Jun 1973