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Midnight Reader 1974 - List All (214 Books)

Sortable table showing all books in the Midnight Reader 1974 imprint. (Click book title to see detail page for the book.)
Title Byline Author Artist Date
MR7401 The Unholy Ones Brian Dennison Unknown Jan 1974
MR7402 The Stud Ring Vic Norton Unknown Jan 1974
MR7403 The Decadent Throne Peter Lavelle Unknown Jan 1974
MR7404 The Torment of Sister Helen Robert Taylor Unknown Jan 1974
MR7405 Layover Angel J.S. Bradley Unknown Jan 1974
MR7406 The Bed Exam Ben Stewart Unknown Jan 1974
MR7407 She Ran With Shame Russell Madden Unknown Jan 1974
MR7408 The Wanton Waldens Barbara Gillman Ed Smith Jan 1974
MR7409 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jan 1974
MR7410 The Virgin Mistress J.S. Bradley Text + Decoration Jan 1974
MR7411 Depravity's Child Martin Roberts Text + Decoration Jan 1974
MR7412 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jan 1974
MR7413 More Than Her Pupil George Shannon Unknown Feb 1974
MR7414 Overnight Girl Cliff McMillan Unknown Feb 1974
MR7415 The Bed Suzi Made Carleton Lewis Ed Smith Feb 1974
MR7416 Changing Of The Wives James Carlson Unknown Feb 1974
MR7417 The Shameful Years Jerry Milner Ed Smith Feb 1974
MR7418 The Scarlet Virgin Frank Harper Photo Cover Feb 1974
MR7419 The Unholy Beds Elton Glass Unknown Feb 1974
MR7420 The Scandal School John Dover Unknown Feb 1974
MR7421 The Action Girls Martin Roberts Photo Cover Feb 1974
MR7422 Neighborhood Spouse Jon Johnson Photo Cover Feb 1974
MR7423 The Flames In Barbara's Bed Peter Lavelle Photo Cover Feb 1974
MR7424 The Carnal Reunion James Dempsey Unknown Feb 1974
MR7425 The Carnal Connection R.R. Jordan Text Only Mar 1974
MR7426 The Bartered Bride Conrad Sloan Text + Decoration Mar 1974
MR7427 Decadent Wife Conrad Sloan Text Only Mar 1974
MR7428 By Shame Possessed [Unknown Byline] Text Only Mar 1974
MR7429 Inherit The Shame William Scott Unknown Mar 1974
MR7430 Her Tainted Task J.H. Russell Unknown Mar 1974
MR7431 The Unholy Wife J.S. Bradley Unknown Mar 1974
MR7432 Wantons All James Carlson Unknown Mar 1974
MR7433 Naked, Her Soul Bob Youngblood Text Only Mar 1974
MR7434 The Phantom Rapist Vic Norton Unknown Mar 1974
MR7435 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Mar 1974
MR7436 Depravity's Bed Brian Dennison Text Only Mar 1974
MR7437 Wild Blue Wanton John Foss Ed Smith Apr 1974
MR7438 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Apr 1974
MR7439 The Aphrodite Affair Jack Parker Unknown Apr 1974
MR7440 Shame, Shame, Go Away Thomas Hunter Unknown Apr 1974
MR7441 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Apr 1974
MR7442 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Apr 1974
MR7443 Dirt Girl Les Davidson Text Only Apr 1974
MR7444 Go Down In Shame James Dempsey Text Only Apr 1974
MR7445 Of Carnal Bondage Steve Forest Photo Cover Apr 1974
MR7446 Lynn Dubois Linda DuBreuil Ed Smith Apr 1974
MR7447 All My Lovers Patricia Kane Ed Smith Apr 1974
MR7448 Call Of The Wanton G.C. Edwards Unknown Apr 1974
MR7449 Hate In Every Bed J.S. Bradley Unknown May 1974
MR7450 The Unwilling Prostitute Calvin Hawkes Text + Decoration May 1974
MR7451 Depravity's Wife William Scott Unknown May 1974
MR7452 The Girl Who Cried Rape Larry Tucker Unknown May 1974
MR7453 Macho Girl Charles Hayes Unknown May 1974
MR7454 Tainted Angel C.J. Holliday Ed Smith May 1974
MR7455 Bewitched And Be Shameful David Craig Unknown May 1974
MR7456 Once Upon A Bed Calvin Hawkes Ed Smith May 1974
MR7457 Bummer Girl Michael Perry Unknown May 1974
MR7458 The Virgin & the Vile M.R. Granville Unknown May 1974
MR7459 That Sordid Summer Philip Goldsmith Text + Decoration May 1974
MR7460 The Brutal Bed Morris Green Text + Decoration May 1974
MR7461 Shame Forever After William Scott Ed Smith Jun 1974
MR7462 The Perverters Barbara Gillman Ed Smith Jun 1974
MR7463 Seduction Road John Kellerman Unknown Jun 1974
MR7464 Come One, Come Wanton John Foss Unknown Jun 1974
MR7465 It Started With Rape J.H. Russell Unknown Jun 1974
MR7466 The Swap Cure Elaine Hale Unknown Jun 1974
MR7467 Stud For All Seasons Jerry Milner Ed Smith Jun 1974
MR7468 The Hooker Habit Russell Madden Photo Cover Jun 1974
MR7469 Her Company Bed Jason Hollister Unknown Jun 1974
MR7470 Teaser's Pet Terry Lambert Unknown Jun 1974
MR7471 All The Wife's Men Casey Ward Ed Smith Jun 1974
MR7472 Catch Her In The Raw Jack Harris Unknown Jun 1974
MR7473 The Wilder Wanton Jack Harris Unknown Jul 1974
MR7474 Decadent House J.S. Bradley Unknown Jul 1974
MR7475 The Price Pagans Pay Casey Ward Unknown Jul 1974
MR7476 The Sins of Johnny Solo M.R. Granville Unknown Jul 1974
MR7477 The Flesh Barons George Loomis Unknown Jul 1974
MR7478 Forbidden Their Bed Harold Price Unknown Jul 1974
MR7479 Have Wife, Will Share George Shannon Photo Cover Jul 1974
MR7480 By Lust Defiled Conrad Sloan Ed Smith Jul 1974
MR7481 The Teaser Conrad Sloan Unknown Jul 1974
MR7482 Girl On The Make William Scott Photo Cover Jul 1974
MR7483 Hotel Girl W.H. Brown Ed Smith Jul 1974
MR7484 Mistress Greed Les Davidson Ed Smith Jul 1974
MR7485 Giveaway Wife Thomas Ramsey Unknown Aug 1974
MR7486 The Hooker And The Hooked Vic Norton Unknown Aug 1974
MR7487 From Bed To Eternity Calvin Hawkes Unknown Aug 1974
MR7488 The Wife Defiler Patrick Lund Unknown Aug 1974
MR7489 Up the Sordid Ladder Norma Egan Unknown Aug 1974
MR7490 Flesh Is My Prison Conrad Sloan Ed Smith Aug 1974
MR7491 To Save A Wanton Thomas Hunter Unknown Aug 1974
MR7492 Decadence Girl Martin Roberts Photo Cover Aug 1974
MR7493 Penny For Their Flesh Carleton Lewis Unknown Aug 1974
MR7494 Wanton Be Thy Name George Shannon Vivien Kern Unknown Aug 1974
MR7495 Lover For A Wife Ted Stevens Unknown Aug 1974
MR7496 Barter This Body M.R. Granville Ed Smith Aug 1974
MR7497 A Lesson In Rape Robert Taylor Unknown Sep 1974
MR7498 By Flesh Forbidden Thomas Hunter Unknown Sep 1974
MR7499 Dishonor Thy Daughter Conrad Sloan Unknown Sep 1974
MR7500 Mistress Defiler Michael Prentice Photo Cover Sep 1974
MR7501 The Coveting Game James Carlson Unknown Sep 1974
MR7502 Backwoods Girl Jerry Milner Unknown Sep 1974
MR7503 When She Was Bad … Michael White Ed Smith Sep 1974
MR7504 Gone With The Wanton Frank Harper Unknown Sep 1974
MR7505 The Madam Was His Wife Jerry Milner Unknown Sep 1974
MR7506 Deadly Was Her Bed Conrad Sloan Unknown Sep 1974
MR7507 See How They Lust Paul Haggerty Photo Cover Sep 1974
MR7508 Wantons For His Wife Jerry Milner Photo Cover Sep 1974
MR7509 Welcome, Young Lovers Russell Madden Unknown Oct 1974
MR7510 Passion's Clown Gil Murrell Unknown Oct 1974
MR7511 Each Tainted Bed Jonathan Sanders Unknown Oct 1974
MR7512 The Flesh Disciples Barbara Gillman Ed Smith Oct 1974
MR7513 Hell's Girls Jerry Milner Unknown Oct 1974
MR7514 House Of Flesh Victor Bronson Unknown Oct 1974
MR7515 The Decadent And The Damned William Scott Unknown Oct 1974
MR7516 Always A Wanton Georgia Gleason Unknown Oct 1974
MR7517 To Each His Own Lust Owen Burgess Ed Smith Oct 1974
MR7518 The Games Wantons Play Calvin Hawkes Ed Smith Oct 1974
MR7519 The Flesh Reapers C.W. Daniels Unknown Oct 1974
MR7520 The Naked And The Wild Barbara Gillman Unknown Oct 1974
MR7521 Lust Was a Lady J.S. Bradley Photo Cover Nov 1974
MR7522 The Wanton Was His Wife William Scott Unknown Nov 1974
MR7523 The Man Teasers Brad Riordan Unknown Nov 1974
MR7524 Too Many Sins Harold Price Unknown Nov 1974
MR7525 The Last Lust Norma Egan Unknown Nov 1974
MR7526 The Wife Users William Scott Unknown Nov 1974
MR7527 Ravaged Wife Jason Hollister Photo Cover Nov 1974
MR7528 The Virgin Nymph William Scott Unknown Nov 1974
MR7529 See Why They Swap Hale Nichols Unknown Nov 1974
MR7530 The Pick Up Louis Glover Unknown Nov 1974
MR7531 Two Wild Girls Emerson Taylor Unknown Nov 1974
MR7532 Those Erotic Nights Roy Bartlet Unknown Nov 1974
MR7533 Passion's Girl J.S. Bradley Photo Cover Dec 1974
MR7534 Lust House Gloria Darby Unknown Dec 1974
MR7535 The Hungry Wives Hale Nichols Unknown Dec 1974
MR7536 The Parish Swappers Cliff McMillan Ed Smith Dec 1974
MR7537 I Loved Three Wives Frank Harper Unknown Dec 1974
MR7538 The Bride Defilers Daniel Gorman Unknown Dec 1974
MR7539 Wrong Way Wife William Scott Photo Cover Dec 1974
MR7540 The Come On Girl J.S. Bradley Photo Cover Dec 1974
MR7541 Bed Now, Pay Later William Scott Unknown Dec 1974
MR7542 Young, Wild And Willing Conrad Sloan Photo Cover Dec 1974
MR7543 Your Turn In Bed William Scott Unknown Dec 1974
MR7544 No Virgin Brides Curt Aldrich Ed Smith Dec 1974
MR7545 The Trouble With Swapping Frank Harper Ed Smith Jan 1975
MR7546 Two Wives, Too Eager William Scott Ed Smith Jan 1975
MR7547 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jan 1975
MR7548 No Decent Wife William Scott Unknown Jan 1975
MR7549 The Naked Weekend Walter Sayers Unknown Jan 1975
MR7550 My Bed Or Yours? William Scott Unknown Jan 1975
MR7551 Best Piece In Town Walter Sayers Unknown Jan 1975
MR7552 The Restless Wives William Scott Unknown Jan 1975
MR7553 Fondle With Care Jason Cannon Photo Cover Jan 1975
MR7554 Some Wives Will ... Wendell Summers Photo Cover Jan 1975
MR7555 The Naked Next Door Wallace Stewart Ed Smith Jan 1975
MR7556 No Private Beds George Okker Ed Smith Jan 1975
MR7557 After The Rape Jonathan Sanders Ed Smith Feb 1975
MR7558 In Paula's Bed Carl Chandler Ed Smith Feb 1975
MR7559 Any Wife Can Play Mark Williams Photo Cover Feb 1975
MR7560 Mother Of Sin Duncan Fox Ed Smith Feb 1975
MR7561 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7562 The Restless Wives William Scott Ed Smith Feb 1975
MR7563 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7564 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7565 The Virgin Teasers Wayne Lester Ed Smith Feb 1975
MR7566 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7567 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7568 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Feb 1975
MR7569 The Nymph's Daughter Daniel Gorman Unknown Mar 1975
MR7570 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Mar 1975
MR7571 Mother's Man Jonathan Sanders Ed Smith Mar 1975
MR7572 The Orgy At Home Barbara Gillman Ed Smith Mar 1975
MR7573 Virgin In Silk Hank Norris Photo Cover Mar 1975
MR7574 Motel Girl Alan Marshall Unknown Mar 1975
MR7575 Mother's Lovers Melinda Best Unknown Mar 1975
MR7576 A Family Sin Barbara Gillman Unknown Mar 1975
MR7577 Their Unwilling Flesh Cliff McMillan Ed Smith Mar 1975
MR7578 A Family Of Lovers Terry Lambert Unknown Mar 1975
MR7579 Choose Any Wife William Scott Photo Cover Mar 1975
MR7580 For Adults Only Emerson Taylor Unknown Mar 1975
MR7581 The Orgy Wives Curt Aldrich Unknown Apr 1975
MR7582 Wild Young Flesh Alan Marshall Photo Cover Apr 1975
MR7583 I Saw Their Orgy Walter Sayers Ed Smith Apr 1975
MR7584 Easy Wife E.N. Trevor Unknown Apr 1975
MR7585 Hungry Jane Jane Archer Unknown Apr 1975
MR7586 Sister In Torment Pamela West Unknown Apr 1975
MR7587 The Willing Wife William Scott Photo Cover Apr 1975
MR7588 Ready For Bed Dan Berry Photo Cover Apr 1975
MR7589 White Trash Family Pamela West Unknown Apr 1975
MR7590 My Sister's Orgy William Scott Ed Smith Apr 1975
MR7591 Make His Wife An Offer Donald Palermo Unknown Apr 1975
MR7592 Waylaid Virgin James Carlson Photo Cover Apr 1975
MR7593 My Bride For Yours Curt Aldrich Unknown May 1975
MR7594 Whore Wife J.S. Bradley Photo Cover May 1975
MR7595 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown May 1975
MR7596 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown May 1975
MR7597 Teaser Wife Norma Egan Photo Cover May 1975
MR7598 The Family Bed James Butler Ed Smith May 1975
MR7599 Sister Nymph Robert Taylor Photo Cover May 1975
MR7600 Free And Easy Wife Emerson Taylor Photo Cover May 1975
MR7601 Go Down Naked Greg Tanner Ed Smith May 1975
MR7602 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown May 1975
MR7603 The Last Orgy Carleton Lewis Unknown May 1975
MR7604 Ready Wife Conrad Sloan Photo Cover May 1975
MR7605 Naughty Holly James Butler Photo Cover Jun 1975
MR7606 Daughter Nymph M.R. Granville Photo Cover Jun 1975
MR7607 Angel Going Down Terry Lambert Photo Cover Jun 1975
MR7608 Lover Niece Cliff Lawson Photo Cover Jun 1975
MR7609 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jun 1975
MR7610 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jun 1975
MR7611 One Bed Family Jackson Blake Unknown Jun 1975
MR7612 [Title Unknown] [Unknown Byline] Unknown Jun 1975
MR7613 The Rape Of Reverend Mary Ted Stevens Unknown Jun 1975
MR7614 Backwoods Nymphs Lynn Dubois Unknown Jun 1975