Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Candid Reader - List All (148 Books)

Sortable table showing all books in the Candid Reader imprint. (Click book title to see detail page for the book.)
Title Byline Author Artist Date
CA901 The Sin Funnel Clyde Allison William Knoles Unknown Oct 1967
CA902 Wander-Lust Don Holliday Robert Bonfils Oct 1967
CA903 Dyke Diary John Dexter Robert Bonfils Oct 1967
CA904 Ocean Of Lust J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Oct 1967
CA905 Swap-Happy Saxon Craig Unknown Nov 1967
CA906 No Room For Shame Andrew Shaw Unknown Nov 1967
CA907 Lust For A Lady J.X. Williams Unknown Nov 1967
CA908 Wanton Tripper Tony Calvano Thomas P. Ramirez Unknown Nov 1967
CA909 The N.U.D.E. Caper Dean Hudson Evan Hunter Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
CA910 Seaport Stud Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
CA911 Rape Ric Arana Con Sellers Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
CA912 Lethal Lover Andrew Shaw Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
CA913 Lust Temple John Dexter Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
CA914 Passion's Princess J.X. Williams Unknown Jan 1968
CA915 Sinful Summer Don Bellmore Unknown Jan 1968
CA916 Mini-Sinners Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
CA917 Passion Mansion J.X. Williams Unknown Feb 1968
CA918 The Ravisher Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
CA919 The Flesh Hunter Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
CA920 A Case Of Lust Ric Arana Con Sellers Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
CA921 Bondage Babes Alan Marshall Andrew Offutt Ed Smith Mar 1968
CA922 Upper-Crust Lust Don Bellmore Ed Smith Mar 1968
CA923 The Desperate Dyke Susan Post Ed Smith Mar 1968
CA924 Passion Rampage Ric Arana Con Sellers Ed Smith Mar 1968
CA925 Governor Of Lust J.X. Williams Tomas Cannizarro Apr 1968
CA926 Passion For Profit John Dexter Tomas Cannizarro Apr 1968
CA927 Bed Of Vengeance Alan Marshall Tomas Cannizarro Apr 1968
CA928 Julie's Jollies J.X. Williams Tomas Cannizarro Apr 1968
CA929 The Swap Teasers Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils May 1968
CA930 The Desert Damsels Clyde Allison William Knoles Robert Bonfils May 1968
CA931 Two-Way Temptress Tracy Lane Robert Bonfils May 1968
CA932 Crime Of Passion J.X. Williams Ed Smith May 1968
CA933 Swap Circuit Tony Calvano Thomas P. Ramirez Darrel Millsap Jun 1968
CA934 The Demon Dyke Tracy Lane Darrel Millsap Jun 1968
CA935 Garden Of Eros Mullin Garr Darrel Millsap Jun 1968
CA936 Virtuoso Virgin Alan Marshall Darrel Millsap Jun 1968
CA937 Lust For Kicks John Dexter Ed Smith Jul 1968
CA938 The Leather Trade Marcus Miller Ed Smith Jul 1968
CA939 Lesbians A Go-Go L.J. Brown James L. Brown Unknown Jul 1968
CA940 Sin Seance Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Jul 1968
CA941 Along the Ledge To Lust Hoke Jackson Darrel Millsap Aug 1968
CA942 Beloved Bitch Greg Graves Unknown Aug 1968
CA943 Campus Sin Cult Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Aug 1968
CA944 The Taboo Virgin Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Aug 1968
CA945 H is for Harlot J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Sep 1968
CA946 Sisters In Lust John Dexter Robert Bonfils Sep 1968
CA947 Orgy Beach Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Sep 1968
CA948 The Sex Syndicate Hoke Jackson Robert Bonfils Sep 1968
CA949 The Passion Cache Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Oct 1968
CA950 A Patch Of Lust Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Oct 1968
CA951 Bully Babe John Dexter Robert Bonfils Oct 1968
CA952 Try My Couch J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Oct 1968
CA953 Ravisher's Row J.X. Williams James L. Brown (Title page) Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
CA954 Sex-Happy Hippie R.N. Ellson Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
CA955 Bang-Bang Broad John Dexter Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
CA956 Cherry Tart L.J. Brown James L. Brown Robert Bonfils Nov 1968
CA957 Passion's Price Tag Alan Marshall Unknown Dec 1968
CA958 Borrowed Bedmates John Dexter Unknown Dec 1968
CA959 The Ladder Of Lust Don Bellmore Unknown Dec 1968
CA960 It's Only Incest J.X. Williams Unknown Dec 1968
CA961 Savage Lust David Lynn Robert Bonfils Jan 1969
CA962 Sex Queen Of Texas Felix Grubb Robert Bonfils Jan 1969
CA963 From Bed To Worse Norris Good Robert Bonfils Jan 1969
CA964 Sahara Sin Den John Dexter Robert Bonfils Jan 1969
CA965 Governed By Lust Ray Majors Jerry Murray Robert Bonfils Feb 1969
CA966 Home Is The Humper Bert Lind Robert Bonfils Feb 1969
CA967 Wantons On Wheels John Dexter Jack Moskovitz Robert Bonfils Feb 1969
CA968 Hornier Than Thou L.J. Brown James L. Brown Robert Bonfils Feb 1969
CA969 The Sin-Tellectuals L.J. Brown James L. Brown Robert Bonfils Mar 1969
CA970 Flesh Of My Flesh Smith Field Darrel Millsap Mar 1969
CA971 Sun, Sand And Sin Will Barton Unknown Mar 1969
CA972 Virgin Isle Drew Fowler Robert Bonfils Mar 1969
CA973 The Village Nymph L.J. Brown James L. Brown Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
CA974 Pussy Widow Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
CA975 In Lust And War Jim Dobbs Sam Dodson Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
CA976 The Yes Girl Grant Fuller Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
CA977 Launch Pad Orgy Don Russell Harry Bremner May 1969
CA978 Pussies And Pot Eric Jay John Eric Poling Harry Bremner May 1969
CA979 Boss Wanton Ray Majors Jerry Murray Unknown May 1969
CA980 Lust's Butterfly John Dexter Robert Bonfils May 1969
CA981 God's Little Orgy Mitch Stanley Robert Bonfils Jun 1969
CA982 Ecstasy, Inc. J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Jun 1969
CA983 Love's Muscle Saul Standish Robert Bonfils Jun 1969
CA984 Ace Of Harlots Kirk Vincent Robert Bonfils Jun 1969
CA985 The Judge Comes J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Jul 1969
CA986 Seminole Stud Mitch Stanley Robert Bonfils Jul 1969
CA987 Sex Snoopers, Inc Tom French Robert Bonfils Jul 1969
CA988 The Pink Box John Dexter Robert Bonfils Jul 1969
CA989 Mandy's Men Alan Marshall Darrel Millsap Aug 1969
CA990 Erotic Novel No. 1 Rex Conrad Text Only Aug 1969
CA991 Swap Freaks Eddie Dumbrowski Unknown Aug 1969
CA992 Tropic Of Swap Curt Aldrich Robert Kinyon Aug 1969
CA993 Nude Awakening Hoke Jackson Ed Smith Sep 1969
CA994 Erotic Novel No. 2 Rex Conrad Text Only Sep 1969
CA995 Swap For Singles Grant Fuller Unknown Sep 1969
CA996 Little Girl Swapped Prudence Ward Unknown Sep 1969
CA997 Murder in Her Thighs Melissa Franklin Unknown Oct 1969
CA998 Swap Feast John Dexter Unknown Oct 1969
CA999 Swap Mother, Swap Daughter J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1969
CA1000 Libertines Of Lake Mirage Bradford Dickens Darrel Millsap Oct 1969
CA1001 Storm Swap Marty Machlia Unknown Nov 1969
CA1002 For Couples Only H.C. Hawkes Darrel Millsap Nov 1969
CA1003 Swap Sexpose Steve Rand Unknown Nov 1969
CA1004 Obsession With Lust S.V. Baxter Unknown Nov 1969
CA1005 Swap Family Tom French Darrel Millsap Dec 1969
CA1006 Double-Up Swap Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Dec 1969
CA1007 Switching Hour Gage Carlin Thomas P. Ramirez Darrel Millsap Dec 1969
CA1008 Menage A Swap John Dexter Darrel Millsap Dec 1969
CA1009 The Marriage Merger J.X. Williams Darrel Millsap Jan 1970
CA1010 A Hard Man, Nowadays, is Good to Find Curt Aldrich Darrel Millsap Jan 1970
CA1011 Mrs. Brown's Body John Dexter Darrel Millsap Jan 1970
CA1012 House Of Lust Lisa Fanchon Lee Florin Darrel Millsap Jan 1970
CA1013 Three Couples Coupling Harry Best Unknown Feb 1970
CA1014 Swappers In Paradise Wysteria Lee Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
CA1015 Sub-Leased Strumpet Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
CA1016 Viet-Nookie L.J. Brown James L. Brown Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
CA1017 Love Thy Neighbor's Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
CA1018 Swap Safari John Dexter Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
CA1019 Acapulco Swap R.B. Weller Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
CA1020 Darktown Strutters Swap Gavin Hayward Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
CA1021 Wild Iris Don Russell Robert Bonfils Apr 1970
CA1022 Swap Poker J.X. Williams Darrel Millsap Apr 1970
CA1023 Spunk Lorenzo Scanderbeg Ed Smith Apr 1970
CA1024 Suzie Swaps! Curt Aldrich Darrel Millsap Apr 1970
CA1025 Lust's Castaways Harry Best Darrel Millsap May 1970
CA1026 Jailbait Grant Fuller Darrel Millsap May 1970
CA1027 Pammy's Had It Susan Post Darrel Millsap May 1970
CA1028 The Gray Flannel Swap Lambert Wilhelm William Maltese Darrel Millsap May 1970
CA1029 For Heaven's Swap! Greg Orr Darrel Millsap Jun 1970
CA1030 Zero Gravity Swap Cal I. Pygaster Darrel Millsap Jun 1970
CA1031 Swap Research Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Jun 1970
CA1032 Come In From The Cold Wysteria Lee Darrel Millsap Jun 1970
CA1033 Clyde Among The Swappers R. John Smythe Robert Kinyon Jul 1970
CA1034 Mobswap John Dexter Robert Kinyon Jul 1970
CA1035 Tri-Sex Mark Loring Robert Kinyon Jul 1970
CA1036 Tropic Swapfest Marty Machlia Robert Kinyon Jul 1970
CA1037 Swap Stops, Route 66 Pagan Lee Post Robert Kinyon Aug 1970
CA1038 The Jaded Traders Felix Grubb Robert Kinyon Aug 1970
CA1039 Even Dozen Swap Gregg Stevens Robert Kinyon Aug 1970
CA1040 Making Marga Merry Don Russell Robert Kinyon Aug 1970
CA1041 Swap, Italian Style Betty Peterson Unknown Sep 1970
CA1042 Mate-Trade Masquerade Don Russell Robert Kinyon Sep 1970
CA1043 Family-Night Swap Alex Ayers Unknown Sep 1970
CA1044 Swappin' Show-Offs Curt Aldrich Unknown Sep 1970
CA1045 Swappers' Potluck J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1970
CA1046 Swap Smorgasbord Don Bellmore Harry Bremner Oct 1970
CA1047 See How They Swap! Harry Best Unknown Oct 1970
CA1048 Swap Colony Don Russell Unknown Oct 1970