Vintage Greenleaf Classics Books 1959 - 1975

Adult Books - List All (280 Books)

Sortable table showing all books in the Adult Books imprint. (Click book title to see detail page for the book.)
Title Byline Author Artist Date
AB401 The Homosexual Uprising, Book 1 Eric Karlson, Ph.D. Unknown Oct 1967
AB402 The Homosexual Uprising, Book 2 Eric Karlson, Ph.D. Unknown Oct 1967
AB403 Caves Of Iron Chris Davidson Christian Davies Robert Bonfils Oct 1967
AB404 Three On A Broomstick Don Holliday Victor J. Banis Robert Bonfils Oct 1967
AB405 The Sin Stripper John Dexter Robert Bonfils Nov 1967
AB406 The Sex Cannibals David Lynn Robert Bonfils Nov 1967
AB407 Oiled For Lust J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Nov 1967
AB408 The Flesh Hustle Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Nov 1967
AB409 Hippie Harlot John Dexter Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
AB410 The Swap Specialist Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
AB411 A Little Lust... J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
AB412 The Hayseed & The Hooker Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Dec 1967
AB413 Cajun Sex Club Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
AB414 Stud For Hire J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
AB415 Lust Country John Dexter Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
AB416 The Father-In-Lust Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Jan 1968
AB417 The Chief Sexecutive Corley Dale Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
AB418 The Lust Heiress John Dexter Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
AB419 ESP Orgy J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
AB420 Child Of Shame Michael Scott Robert Bonfils Feb 1968
AB421 Well Hung-Up J.X. Williams Darrel Millsap Mar 1968
AB422 Let's Trade Wives David Lynn Unknown Mar 1968
AB423 Swap Epidemic Curt Aldrich Unknown Mar 1968
AB424 The Lust Addict Alan Marshall Darrel Millsap Mar 1968
AB425 Sex Toy J.X. Williams Andrew Offutt Ed Smith Apr 1968
AB426 The House At Poon Corners Alan Marshall Ed Smith Apr 1968
AB427 Last-Chance Lust John Dexter Unknown Apr 1968
AB428 Prey For Rape J.X. Williams Ed Smith Apr 1968
AB429 Home Of The Gay Don Holliday Victor J. Banis Ed Smith May 1968
AB430 Belle Of The Boat Allan James Darrel Millsap May 1968
AB431 His Kind Of Love Len Harrington Darrel Millsap May 1968
AB432 The Queens Are In The Parlor L.J. Brown James L. Brown Darrel Millsap May 1968
AB433 Buffy And The Holy Quest Chris Davidson Christian Davies Ed Smith Jun 1968
AB434 A Few Of The Boys Carl Branch Ed Smith Jun 1968
AB435 Gay Twins Marcus Miller Ed Smith Jun 1968
AB436 Man Into Boy Jay Vickery Victor J. Banis Ed Smith Jun 1968
AB437 Gaydreams Jay Vickery Victor J. Banis Darrel Millsap Jul 1968
AB438 Gay Safari Marcus Miller Darrel Millsap Jul 1968
AB439 Idylls Of The Queens Carl Branch Darrel Millsap Jul 1968
AB440 Charlie Darling Aaron Thomas Darrel Millsap Jul 1968
AB441 All Shades of Gay Carl Branch Robert Bonfils Aug 1968
AB442 The Fag End Dick Dale Robert Bonfils Aug 1968
AB443 Gay Orgy Aaron Thomas Darrell Millsap Aug 1968
AB444 Darling Boy Marcus Miller Darrel Millsap Aug 1968
AB445 Gay Vista Lance Lester George Davies Darrel Millsap Sep 1968
AB446 Good-Bye, Gay Love Gene North Darrel Millsap Sep 1968
AB447 Callboy Dick Dale Darrel Millsap Sep 1968
AB448 Captive in Lavender Marcus Miller Darrel Millsap Sep 1968
AB449 Under Five Fags Tony Calvano Thomas P. Ramirez Darrel Millsap Oct 1968
AB450 Bath Boy Julian Mark Darrel Millsap Oct 1968
AB451 Bull Nuts David Lynn Darrel Millsap Oct 1968
AB452 Gay Paragon Dick Dale Darrel Millsap Oct 1968
AB453 Brandon's Boy Jay Vickery Victor J. Banis Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
AB454 Buffy Rides Again! Chris Davidson Christian Davies Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
AB455 Fruit Punch Marcus Miller Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
AB456 The Family Jewels Aaron Thomas Darrel Millsap Nov 1968
AB457 Swapper Town Alan Marshall Andrew Offutt Robert Bonfils Dec 1968
AB458 Take A Swipe At Swap J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Dec 1968
AB459 The Mate-Traders John Dexter Robert Bonfils Dec 1968
AB460 Lusting Wives Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Dec 1968
AB461 A Taste for Depravity Alan Marshall Unknown Jan 1969
AB462 The Swapper's Wives J.X. Williams Unknown Jan 1969
AB463 Tools Of The Traders Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Jan 1969
AB464 1,2,3... Swap! Curt Aldrich Darrel Millsap Jan 1969
AB465 Swap '69 Curt Aldrich Unknown Feb 1969
AB466 Mixed Mates Don Bellmore Unknown Feb 1969
AB467 Community Wife John Dexter Unknown Feb 1969
AB468 Trade-In Wives J.X. Williams Darrel Millsap Feb 1969
AB469 Swap Song Curt Aldrich Ed Smith Mar 1969
AB470 Try My Lady's Chamber Mark Loring Ed Smith Mar 1969
AB471 Hail, Hail, The Gang Bang's Here! Gavin Hayward Ed Smith Mar 1969
AB472 Jumping Junction John Dexter Ed Smith Mar 1969
AB473 Four To Tango Mark Loring Unknown Apr 1969
AB474 From Swap To Bedlam John Dexter Unknown Apr 1969
AB475 Every Wife In Sight Don Russell Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
AB476 Swap Sweetie Susan Post Robert Bonfils Apr 1969
AB477 Swap-Mania Hobart Wright Unknown May 1969
AB478 The Swapping Years Gage Carlin Thomas P. Ramirez Unknown May 1969
AB479 Trade And True Gregg Stevens Unknown May 1969
AB480 Bet Your Sweet Wife Gavin Hayward Ed Smith May 1969
AB481 Swap, Anyone? Curt Aldrich Unknown Jun 1969
AB482 The Nonstop Swap Grant Fuller Unknown Jun 1969
AB483 Mixed Pairs John Dexter Unknown Jun 1969
AB484 Swap For Profit Gage Carlin Thomas P. Ramirez Unknown Jun 1969
AB485 Snowbound Swap Marty Machlia Unknown Jul 1969
AB486 The Swap Exchange Mitch Stanley Unknown Jul 1969
AB487 Blood, Swap And Tears John Dexter Unknown Jul 1969
AB488 Letters From A Swapped Wife J.X. Williams Unknown Jul 1969
AB489 The Lust Department Marty Machlia Robert Bonfils Aug 1969
AB490 A Short Sweet Swap Gavin Hayward Robert Bonfils Aug 1969
AB491 Booked For Swap Mitch Stanley Robert Bonfils Aug 1969
AB492 The Swapsuckers Curt Aldrich Darrel Millsap Aug 1969
AB493 Swappin' On Carnot Street Jay R. Smithson Unknown Sep 1969
AB494 Why Stop At Swap? Don Bellmore Unknown Sep 1969
AB495 Swapalong Curt Aldrich Unknown Sep 1969
AB496 Scuba Swap Gregg Stevens Unknown Sep 1969
AB497 Holly Swapper Terri Duncan Robert Bonfils Oct 1969
AB498 Finger Lickin' Swappin' J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Oct 1969
AB499 Swap Beast John Dexter Robert Bonfils Oct 1969
AB500 6-Way Swap Don Bellmore Darrel Millsap Oct 1969
AB1501 Flip Flop Swap Terri Duncan Robert Bonfils Nov 1969
AB1502 Swap And Beyond Gavin Hayward Unknown Nov 1969
AB1503 Switch-Hit Honeymoon Stuart Darwin Unknown Nov 1969
AB1504 Swap, Said the Doctor Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Nov 1969
AB1505 Swap Park Richard Alexis Robert Bonfils Dec 1969
AB1506 Swap Captive Marvin Watson Robert Bonfils Dec 1969
AB1507 Cindy For Swap Terri Duncan Robert Bonfils Dec 1969
AB1508 Assignment: Swap Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Dec 1969
AB1509 Butcher Shop Swap H.C. Hawkes Robert Bonfils Jan 1970
AB1510 Runaway Swapper Kent Collins Unknown Jan 1970
AB1511 A Swap for Sappho Gage Carlin Thomas P. Ramirez Robert Bonfils Jan 1970
AB1512 Too Hot Not To Swap Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Jan 1970
AB1513 Swappers' Rights Greg Orr Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
AB1514 Knock Once To Swap Cal I. Pygaster Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
AB1515 Computer Swap Sam Scar Robert Bonfils Feb 1970
AB1516 Swapping Tit For Tat Richard Alexis Unknown Feb 1970
AB1517 Swap At The Top Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
AB1518 Swap Around the Clock Terri Duncan Darrel Millsap Mar 1970
AB1519 The Fornication Formula Bradford Dickens Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
AB1520 Three-Ring Swap Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Mar 1970
AB1521 La Dolce Swap Peter Sword Robert Bonfils Apr 1970
AB1522 Tinsel Town Swappers Felix Grubb Robert Bonfils Apr 1970
AB1523 Love, Honor and Swap Mark Loring Robert Bonfils Apr 1970
AB1524 Along Came a Swapper Richard B. Long Robert Bonfils Apr 1970
AB1525 Junior Swap Club Wysteria Lee Robert Bonfils May 1970
AB1526 Love Set Swap Gregg Stevens Robert Bonfils May 1970
AB1527 For Swapping's Sake Susan Post Robert Bonfils May 1970
AB1528 Swap Secret Alan Marshall Robert Bonfils May 1970
AB1529 Hooked On Swap H.C. Hawkes Robert Bonfils Jun 1970
AB1530 Taught To Trade Richard B. Long Robert Bonfils Jun 1970
AB1531 Thy Neighbor's Ass Marguerite D'Hiver Robert Bonfils Jun 1970
AB1532 Electric Swap Marty Machlia Robert Bonfils Jun 1970
AB1533 Swap Panocha Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Jul 1970
AB1534 The Swap Fanciers Jerome Flood Robert Bonfils Jul 1970
AB1535 Highrise Swapmeet J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Jul 1970
AB1536 Threesomes, Foursomes & Moresomes H.C. Hawkes Robert Bonfils Jul 1970
AB1537 Swap At Your Own Risk Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Aug 1970
AB1538 Switch-Off R. John Smythe Robert Bonfils Aug 1970
AB1539 Hidie-Hole for Swap Richard Kyle Unknown Aug 1970
AB1540 A Tall, Cool Swapper Harry Best Robert Bonfils Aug 1970
AB1541 Hog-Wild For Swap Harry Best Unknown Sep 1970
AB1542 The Snowbound Swappers Don Russell Ed Smith Sep 1970
AB1543 Swap Me Deadly Richard Kyle Robert Bonfils Sep 1970
AB1544 Licensed To Swing H.C. Hawkes Robert Bonfils Sep 1970
AB1545 Swap Coven Wysteria Lee Ed Smith Oct 1970
AB1546 Swaps in Color Don Bellmore Unknown Oct 1970
AB1547 The Swap Sneaks John Dexter Robert Bonfils Oct 1970
AB1548 Mister Swap Richard Alexis Robert Bonfils Oct 1970
AB1549 Keeping It Up With The Joneses Milt Jaxon Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
AB1550 Turnabout Girls Mark Loring Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
AB1551 Bring Your Wife... For Me Victor Karmann Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
AB1552 Drive It Home, Jason Curt Aldrich Robert Bonfils Nov 1970
AB1553 Twin Swingers Swap Priscilla Waring Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
AB1554 Sweet Lips, Swap Lips J.X. Williams Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
AB1555 ...and Going Down With The Smiths Milt Jaxon Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
AB1556 Swap Senorita Kathy Pruitt Robert Bonfils Dec 1970
AB1557 18-Hole Swap Richard Alexis Robert Bonfils Jan 1971
AB1558 Swingers on Board Mark Loring Robert Bonfils Jan 1971
AB1559 Stag Film Swap Harry Best Robert Bonfils Jan 1971
AB1560 Swap A La Creole Corley Dale Robert Bonfils Jan 1971
AB1561 Three In The Trade Carl Glitch Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
AB1562 Lonely Wives Swap Club Dave Lea Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
AB1563 Table-Stuff Swap Victor Karmann Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
AB1564 Feeling Up Sheila J.D. Twigg Robert Bonfils Feb 1971
AB1565 A School For Swappers Diana Wiggins Robert Bonfils Mar 1971
AB1566 Old Enough And Bold Enough! Marty Machlia Unknown Mar 1971
AB1567 Highrise Swappers Ben Carter Robert Bonfils Mar 1971
AB1568 Those Dog-Gone Swappers! Don Russell Robert Bonfils Mar 1971
AB1569 Honeysuckle Swap Don Russell Unknown Apr 1971
AB1570 Soft-Skin Swappers Greg Orr Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
AB1571 Executive Suite Swap Hardy Peters George Laws Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
AB1572 Debbie Does It All! Deborah Carstairs Robert Bonfils Apr 1971
AB1573 The Gringo's Going Down L.J. Brown James L. Brown Unknown May 1971
AB1574 Mrs. Manners' Young Friends Pagan Lee Post Unknown May 1971
AB1575 Doing Up Daughter Richard Alexis Unknown May 1971
AB1576 Five-Way Affair Fred Malloy Robert Bonfils May 1971
AB1577 Nancy Takes The Stand Hardy Peters George Laws Unknown Jun 1971
AB1578 Jenny's Favorite Color Brad Roberts Unknown Jun 1971
AB1579 Massage Girl Jack Grant Unknown Jun 1971
AB1580 The Girls Go Camping Richard B. Long Unknown Jun 1971
AB1581 The Librarian's Living End Milt Jaxon Unknown Jul 1971
AB1582 Her Special Delivery Bobby Keller Unknown Jul 1971
AB1583 Susan's Satisfaction Gregg Orr Unknown Jul 1971
AB1584 Carol's Race Relations Dave Lea Unknown Jul 1971
AB1585 After the Convention Vince Kirk Robert Bonfils Aug 1971
AB1586 Mrs. Judson's Exchange Jane Judson Unknown Aug 1971
AB1587 Her Mother's Example Bobby Keller Unknown Aug 1971
AB1588 Deirdre's Coming Out Stuart Darwin Unknown Aug 1971
AB1589 The New Couple Vince Kirk Unknown Sep 1971
AB1590 The Jamaican Traders Lambert Wilhelm William Maltese Unknown Sep 1971
AB1591 Want-Ad Wife Gary Bastion Unknown Sep 1971
AB1592 Linda's Pipeline J.X. Williams Unknown Sep 1971
AB1593 Trying Out The Twins J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1971
AB1594 Dena's Incestuous Inheritance Don Russell Unknown Oct 1971
AB1595 A New Year's Mating J.D. Twigg Unknown Oct 1971
AB1596 Bonnie's Eager In-Laws Terri Duncan Unknown Oct 1971
AB1597 Easiest Girl In Town Richard Kyle Unknown Nov 1971
AB1598 Her Uncle Charlie's Answer Rex Weldon Unknown Nov 1971
AB1599 Back Booth Wives Richard Long Unknown Nov 1971
AB1600 Her Classified Friends Lance Eliott Unknown Nov 1971
AB1601 Her Durable Virginity Richard Blood Unknown Dec 1971
AB1602 The Secret Celine Forgot Ann Lowe Unknown Dec 1971
AB1603 The Preacher's Young Flock Hardy Peters George Laws Unknown Dec 1971
AB1604 Working Wanda Up Terri Duncan Unknown Dec 1971
AB1605 Motel Girl Alan Marshall Unknown Jan 1972
AB1606 His Wife For The Boss Terri Duncan Unknown Jan 1972
AB1607 The Fastest Family In Town Ian Johns Unknown Jan 1972
AB1608 Ella's Unending Desire Eric Jay John Eric Poling Unknown Jan 1972
AB1609 House Of Dark Pleasure Gloria Day Unknown Feb 1972
AB1610 Helen Loses Her Panties Don Russell Unknown Feb 1972
AB1611 Mrs. Field's Frenzy Rex Weldon Unknown Feb 1972
AB1612 Mary's Moment Of Truth A.K. Devries Unknown Feb 1972
AB1613 Unwilling To Trade Hardy Peters George Laws Unknown Mar 1972
AB1614 Molly's New Playmates Don Russell Unknown Mar 1972
AB1615 All In The Family Duncan Fox Unknown Mar 1972
AB1616 Orphaned Innocence Ian Johns Unknown Mar 1972
AB1617 Protecting Aunt Irene Don Russell Unknown Apr 1972
AB1618 Church Camp Predator Lars Raymer Robert Bonfils Apr 1972
AB1619 The Immoral Educator Cal Jansen Unknown Apr 1972
AB1620 California Soul Sister Chad Kendall Unknown Apr 1972
AB1621 The Vile Tower Jocelyn Ryder Unknown May 1972
AB1622 The Conquering Coed J.X. Williams Unknown May 1972
AB1623 The Secret Swingers John Dexter Unknown May 1972
AB1624 Model for Mauling Alice Kale Unknown May 1972
AB1625 Construction Girls Don Bellmore Unknown Jun 1972
AB1626 Las Vegas Virgin Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Jun 1972
AB1627 Virginia's Secret Self Dave Lea Unknown Jun 1972
AB1628 The Wife Watcher Marcia Manning Robert Bonfils Jun 1972
AB1629 Her Hottest Pupil Alan Marshall Unknown Jul 1972
AB1630 Author's Girl J.X. Williams Unknown Jul 1972
AB1631 Merry Makes The Club Duncan Fox Unknown Jul 1972
AB1632 The Swinging Houseboat Ian Johns Unknown Jul 1972
AB1633 Wandering Wife Brian Dennison Unknown Aug 1972
AB1634 Sharing Sister Jocelyn Ryder Unknown Aug 1972
AB1635 Grounds For Sex John Dexter Unknown Aug 1972
AB1636 Taking Mommy's Place Alan Marshall Unknown Aug 1972
AB1637 Fixing Up Daughter Alan Marshall Unknown Sep 1972
AB1638 River Town Girl Jack Pine Unknown Sep 1972
AB1639 Her Daddy's Legacy Kathy Turner Unknown Sep 1972
AB1640 The Taming of Sue Duncan Fox Unknown Sep 1972
AB1641 His Psychic Daughter Dave Lea Unknown Oct 1972
AB1642 Meg's Favorite Breed Jocelyn Ryder Unknown Oct 1972
AB1643 Campus Wives Alan Marshall Unknown Oct 1972
AB1644 The Hot Box J.X. Williams Unknown Oct 1972
AB1645 Underground Circus Girl Don Bellmore Robert Bonfils Nov 1972
AB1646 The Neighbor's Daughter John Dexter Unknown Nov 1972
AB1647 Competition for Mom Don Russell Unknown Nov 1972
AB1648 The Helpless Bride Duncan Fox Unknown Nov 1972
AB1649 Her Mother's Lover Ian Johns Unknown Dec 1972
AB1650 Neighbors Are For Loving Duncan Fox Unknown Dec 1972
AB1651 And Mommy At Night Ray Majors Jerry Murray Unknown Dec 1972
AB1652 Hard Hat Trading Club Gary Bastion Unknown Dec 1972
AB1653 Bitch In Heat Duncan Fox Unknown Jan 1973
AB1654 Between Daughter's Thighs George Spelvin Unknown Jan 1973
AB1655 Your Sister For Mine Alan Marshall Unknown Jan 1973
AB1656 Hot Pants Virgin Ray Majors Jerry Murray Unknown Jan 1973
AB1657 Depraved Little Girl Michael Whiting Unknown Feb 1973
AB1658 The Perverted Coed Don Bellmore Unknown Feb 1973
AB1659 Little Daughter Orgy Joe Foss Unknown Feb 1973
AB1660 The Unfaithful Bride Dave Lea Robert Bonfils Feb 1973
AB1661 Sarah's Best Friend Dana Courtney Unknown Mar 1973
AB1662 Child Lovers Duncan Fox Unknown Mar 1973
AB1663 Turning On The Twins Dave Lea Unknown Mar 1973
AB1664 Neighbor's Hot Daughter Terri Duncan Unknown Mar 1973
AB1665 Coming With Her Collie Don Bellmore Unknown Apr 1973
AB1666 Dog Wives Jocelyn Ryder Unknown Apr 1973
AB1667 Boy Hunger Russell Madden Unknown Apr 1973
AB1668 Dog Girl W.R. Shepherd Unknown Apr 1973
AB1669 Dog House Frank Gavin Unknown May 1973
AB1670 Hot For Her Uncle Jack Grant Unknown May 1973
AB1671 Make Room for Daddy Duncan Fox Unknown May 1973
AB1672 Turning Auntie On Rick Arana Con Sellers Unknown May 1973
AB1673 Daddy Go Down John Dexter Unknown Jun 1973
AB1674 I'm Hot For Daddy Michael Whiting Robert Bonfils Jun 1973
AB1675 Dirt Road Doggie Don Bellmore Unknown Jun 1973
AB1676 Beasts Are Better Richard Long Robert Bonfils Jun 1973
AB1677 Pony Girls J.B. McNab Unknown Jul 1973
AB1678 Orgy Clinic H.A. Hobart Unknown Jul 1973
AB1679 Daddy's Dirty Daughter Terri Duncan Unknown Jul 1973
AB1680 The Dog Ballers Don Russell Unknown Jul 1973